What Is In My Hospital Bag Third Time Around

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I just realized that I should get around to packing my hospital bag now that I am approaching 36 weeks, so I thought I would share what made the cut. I didn’t really know what to pack the first time around, or for my second trip to the labor and delivery floor since I had a scheduled c-section and had no idea what to expect. Now that I’ve had a c-section at the same hospital, here is what is in my hospital bag the third time around:

Loose fitting, comfy, black dresses. I personally could not stand wearing pants after my c-section, so I won’t bother to pack any pants this time. I learned from the first go at it (when I had a vaginal birth) that black clothing is best during the post partum period, so I’ll be packing my comfiest black caftans and maxis. I’m packing this nightshirt and this dress is perfect.

Breast pump. My first son was born in Manhattan, and I was able to rent a hospital grade breast pump to get started. So when I packed my bag for my second son’s birth, I didn’t pack my pump. I assumed that I could rent one at Stamford Hospital, and unfortunately, I was wrong. I also thought I probably wouldn’t pump much since my baby (hopefully) wouldn’t be in the NICU. However, there were no rental pumps, and my milk came in so fast my baby couldn’t keep up and I needed to pump regularly. This time, I’ll pack this pump and I’ll be ready.

Slippers & warm socks. I’ll be packing these warm, fuzzy socks with non-slip grips since it gets very cold during the birth (these were great during both the vaginal birth and c-section). I will also be packing these for walks around the L&D floor.

A diffuser. Every time, this Goji Tarocco Orange diffuser helps to make the room smell like home and not like a hospital.

Pillows. I’ll be bringing my pillow, as well as my pregnancy pillow and a nursing pillow. In New York, they provided me with My Breast Friend, but I needed my own in Connecticut, so I had my husband bring this one back for me.

Nipple balm. This is probably the only time you’ll need this stuff, and I love this soothing baby safe nursing cream.

The usual electronics. Phone charger, headphones, etc.

Facial Cleansing Wipes. These saved my soul during a long labor and after my c-section when I couldn’t get up to wash my face.

Coming home outfit. I love a simple, cozy cotton footed onesie to dress baby to come home.

Carseat. Technically, it won’t be IN my bag, but I will be bringing my Nuna Pipa Carseat. I’ve been using the same one since my first son was born in 2015 and I love everything about it, especially how lightweight it is, and the mesh “dream drape canopy” that every mom that sees it asks about. It’s a breathable mesh canopy that stretches all the way to the bottom of the seat and attaches with magnets to shield baby from harmful sunrays while keeping them cool.

My entire beauty bag. My vanity does not end on the labor and delivery floor TBH.

What are you packing? Tell me in the comments!




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