5 Skincare Resolutions We All Need To Make

Hi! Nicole Caroline of Elite Esthetics here guest blogging for this first Makeup Monday beauty post of 2019. You might remember me from the best facial ever. Brittni asked me to share my top 5 skincare resolutions, and I had a hard time sticking to five so I included a bonus one for those of us looking for extra credit this year.
Here is my list of the 5 skincare resolutions we all need to make:

1.) Wash Your Face EVERY Night… Properly! I know you know washing your face every night is important… but did you know the WAY you wash your face is almost just as important? I’m a religious believer in a double cleanse.  Starting with an oil cleanser (which will also keep your skin from getting dehydrated) on dry skin, gently add in some water, and rinse. Tthen use your regular cleanser for the 2nd step. I use a lot of Korean techniques in my facials and this is one I will never skip. Bonus: cleansing this well at night saves you time in the morning because you only have to rinse with cold water instead of doing a full cleanse! Your pores and fine lines will thank you.
I use PureErb Cleansing Oil followed by PureErb cleansing milk (which I also use in my facials). I have yet to find a better one. I also like Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser.
2.) Be Kind to yourself and stop obsessing over every pore. I can’t tell you how many clients come in and claim they have the worst skin in the world, when actually all their skin needs is the right care. We all have pores that have their bad days, we all get a few pimples now and then, and sometimes our eye bags look like they need to be checked and stored in an overhead bin. I promise you, it’s perfectly normal and does not mean you need 5 Fraxel treatments followed by a face lift.
3.) Stop Scrubbing your face off. We really should only be manually exfoliating once or twice a week, and exfoliating with an acid or enzyme once or twice a week. Over exfoliation can cause a slew of skin issues like irritation, over production of oil (that can cause breakouts), and depletes your skins natural barrier.  #putdownthescrub
4.) Listen to your skin. Believe me, it will always tells you what it needs!  Translating what it’s trying to tell you is where the professional comes in. Dehydration doesn’t only mean you need to drink more water; it can mean you need to change your products, the order you use them, and how often. Clogged pores can mean you’re not cleansing properly, you’re over exfoliating, or not exfoliating enough. Being a licensed esthetician for over 17 years has taught me to quickly figure out what your skin is trying to tell you based on the signs I see and feel. I can in turn teach you the signs to look for so you can begin learning the language it is speaking.
5.) Please…Please… Pleeeeease stop using every single product a non-licensed Youtube star tells you to use on your face. I’m not saying some suggestions aren’t great, and I’m not saying I don’t indulge in makeup tutorials galore, but please see a professional to decode your skin issues, and find out if these products are good for your skin type. What does wonders for a 20 year old with normal to dry skin might wreak havoc on oily skin in its 30’s . And for the love of God please don’t use them all at the same time!
Here’s one more that I am even tired of hearing myself say…STOP PICKING YOUR SKIN! Ok… seriously that’s all! Happy New Year.
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