Third Time Around

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I am so excited to share with you all that I am expecting my third baby March 1! I found out a few days before my first son’s third birthday. When I asked him what he wanted for his big day, he said, “a SISTER!” He is nothing if not intuitive, but he has also been asking for a sister ever since he saw Frozen. I did became nervous about how he would receive the news if we were to tell him he is getting another brother. Way to pile on my anxiety, Bear.


How are you feeling? Way better than my last two! I had some morning sickness in the beginning, but so far it has been my mildest case yet. I’m tired, but getting my energy back now partially in thanks to some B12 supplements. Honestly, some days it’s hard to tell if my fatigue is from the pregnancy or the fact that I have two toddlers. More than anything, I am over the moon and I feel so lucky.

When are you due? I have a planned c-section scheduled for March 1. More on that here.

Three 3 and Under? Are you insane? Maybe! My oldest just turned 3 on July 4, and my youngest is 15 months old, and once I realized I definitely wanted another baby, I originally planned on waiting longer. By longer, I mean I originally thought I would wait until the fall of this year (so now) to try. I want my children to be close in age because I love how well my sons (who are 19 months apart) play together.

Do you know what you are having? Yes. We took a blood test to rule out genetic abnormalities and the information was in there. It’s pretty standard practice now, but back when we had Bear just three years ago we had to wait till 20 weeks to find out at an ultrasound.

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It’s a girl! When I told Bear, he fell backwards and screamed, “today!?!”



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    Phyllis klapman
    09/04/2018 at 9:24 am

    So happy for you. I saw Bear for 5 min last week. Fabulous child. You lucky girl

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