The Best Hairstylist In Manhattan

The Best Hairstylist in Manhattan

Today is National Hairstylist Appreciation day, and I could not be more excited to share mine with you (but just not on Thursdays every 6 weeks at 4) because I truly believe she is the best hairstylist in Manhattan, and quite possibly the world. A good hairstylist is life changing, and I am humbled to say that’s exactly what happened to me when I met Randi Deverson in 2010. We could also call her The Artist Formerly Known As Chloe. Just like Prince. But from Staten Island and with even more sass. My hair was platinum blonde the day we met at a bright white brick walled salon in Flatiron, and I had been dying it myself. Just let the horror of those two little tidbits of information wash over you. I asked her to make me blonder and she said no. She was right. Ponytail for Locks Of LoveI was ruining my hair, and she saved it, just in time for my wedding. She has cut my hair twice to donate it to Locks Of Love, so she’s seen me from Cousin It and back again TWICE, and I am pretty sure that she invented balayage. She has also given me the best lob or “Robert” I’ve ever had.

The Best Hairstylist in Manhattan

I get a lot of questions about where I get my hair done, but the truth is that it’s not about where it’s done, but about who is doing it. She once cut and colored my hair while I breastfed my 9 week old son. She is more of a savior than a stylist. But she is a very, very, very, gifted hairstylist. The best I’ve ever had.

Flow Hair Boutique Soho

While it’s not about where, she is definitely in the right place. Her BFF Omar Felix (who I’ve known and adored for years) recently opened Flow Hair boutique in SoHo. Spending the afternoon there feels like coming home and hanging with your besties in your PJ’s. Only you walk out looking like a million bucks without spending much at all (these are master stylists at very fair prices).

I can honestly say that my hair is the healthiest and best looking it’s ever been, and that’s all thanks to Randi. Thank you, Randi!

Visit Randi and Omar at Flow Hair Boutique, 79 Sullivan Street, New York, New York.





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