The Best Hair Tool For Getting Loose Beachy Waves

amika (mod)ern curler

A few of you have asked how I get my super straight hair to get and stay in loose beachy waves. I’m currently working on a video to show you exactly how I (lazily) go through the actual process, but in the meantime, I thought I would share the most important tool I use. Any suggestions on best quick video editing tools are welcome here puh-lease.The best hair tool for getting loose beachy waves is the Amika wand. You don’t need a fancy one, or a wide barreled one (as I have been told in the past, those actually do not hold well on my pin straight strands). If you have stubborn to style hair, this size is ideal. There are fancier versions, but I swear by this basic wand because it is the only one that doesn’t fry my hair and this size keeps the waves for 2 days (probably more but I rarely if ever go longer than that without washing due to my gym habits). Plus, it looks cute sitting out on a counter.amika (mod)ern curler

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