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5 Things You Need To Pack For New York Fashion Week

Whether you’re going for the entire month or just an afternoon, there are a few things you absolutely need to bring when attending New York Fashion week. I fall into the the category of the latter this season, since my second son (who just turned five months old yesterday!?!) is teething for real and only wants mama needs me. Having done the former for a few years, I’ve learned what to bring and what to leave home.

Here are the 5 things you need to pack for New York Fashion Week.

Comfortable Shoes

You may be tempted to rock a fresh pair of pumps, but NYFW involves more walking and standing than you may think. Make sure your shoes are comfy and broken in or you’ll be kicking yourself (with a very blistered foot). Plus, block heeled mules are on-trend.

A Wide Brimmed Hat

Without fail, there is at least one day of rain or snow during Fashion Week (month). An umbrella is too clunky and inelegant. A wide brimmed hat is streamlined and doubles as a chic accessory.

A Timeless Jacket


Some of the shows are ridiculously cold even if it’s hotter than Gigi Hadid’s legs outside. In case you missed it, I’m currently obsessed with this one and it’s real suede and looks real expensive for less than your NYFW Uber bill.

A Hands-Free Bag

Vintage Chanel Backpack

A bag that leaves you with two hands (one for a drink and the other for taking snaps) is a must. You can’t go wrong with a luxe vintage backpack.

A Blister Blocker

You’ll need to bring this just in case #1 failed.

Happy Friday and happy Fashion Month!





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