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March 2017


10 Best Spring Pieces At Saks Friends And Family Sale

Soludos Banana Espadrilles

Now is about the time we are realizing we have a few holes in our spring wardrobes. Luckily, Saks Fifth Avenue just launched their Friends and Family Sale, so we can fill those gaps without feeling the pinch. I’m honestly surprised they are allowing some of these items to be included in the sale, but I ain’t mad about it. Shop my picks for the 10 best spring pieces at Saks Friends And Family Sale after the jump!…

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The Best Mascara Ever For Every Budget

Nothing is worse (well, beauty-wise) than bad mascara. If it’s too heavy, your lashes will sag. If it’s too dry, hello tarantula eyes! The wrong brush, just ruins EVERYTHING. What you need is a light, moisturizing, non sticky formula with a brush that separates and adds volume. I’ve tried everything out there, and these are my three absolute favorites starting at $4. Peep my picks for the best mascara ever for every budget on the next page!…

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The Best Inexpensive White Linen Curtains

World Market White Linen Grommet Top Curtains

GUYS! I found the best inexpensive white linen curtains. If this means nothing to you, you have obviously never shopped for true white linen curtains. If you have, then you know all too well that even when described as “white” linen curtains are just not truly white, and in many cases, they are also not truly linen.…

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What I'm Wearing

10 Best Gingham Pieces For Spring

Is gingham back, or was it here all along like strappy sandals? I know I know, gingham for spring…groundbreaking. But suddenly there is a new mind blowing plethora of fresh new ways to rock the classic print and it’s tough to ignore. Don’t believe me? You have to see these 10 best gingham pieces for spring!…

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10 Pairs Of On Trend Spring Shoes Under $100

One of my favorite ways to start building a new season’s wardrobe is from the ground up: by buying new shoes! Nothing quite brings your basics and favorite standbys up to the moment like some fresh kicks. However, as much as I love my handmade Italian shoes and classic Chanel’s, I don’t like to spend much on trend pieces. I’ve found some perfect pairs that will satisfy the trendiest, most expensive of tastes on a budget. You need to see…

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How To Buy Vintage Chanel Online

Vintage Chanel Backpack

Enough of you have asked at this point, so I am answering your question: how do you buy consigned and vintage Chanel safely online without getting hosed? When buying Chanel is done the smart way, it retains its value and in some cases (with rare, in-demand and limited edition pieces), even appreciates in worth over the years. Here are my tried and true tips for finding and making the most of your chicest investment.…

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