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10 Favorite Fall Outfits

Fall officially starts today, and I’m finding myself in need of autumn outfit inspiration from my own closet. I love to do a good inventory taking and purging at least bi-annually, and combing through my fall outfits helped me see what I’ve worn most during this season and what I should maybe add to update my wardrobe. Most of all, I’m hoping it helps inspire you to take some of your favorite pieces for a little remix! Here are my…

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Boot Making Class In Brooklyn

I recently decided to spend a good chunk of my vacation time fulfilling a longtime dream to learn how to make boots by hand, old school cobbler-style. A few years back I found a boot making class in Brooklyn, How To Make Boots From Your Garage, that teaches the method I wanted to learn: the lasting method. I had been dragging my feet waiting for the right time to spring for a week-long course where I’d make a pair of boots…

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