The Best Eyebow Growth Serum

The best eyebrow growth serum

I had a conversation this weekend with a friend and she asked if there was anything she could do to permanently thicken her brows that did not involve tattooing her face. I explained that I have tried a few things on my own eyebrows, as I have an uneven situation. When I was in second grade, I shaved off half of one of my brows and that side has never been the same. For many years, it was sparse. There are a lot of products that simply don’t work to grow or thicken your existing brows as promised, but there is one that does.

This is the best eyebrow growth serum:

NeuBROW Enhancing Serum thickens your existing brows: from the existing strands to growing new hair. It is the only product that has helped fill in my sad half of my right brow. While the directions say to apply the serum every night, I will admit that I sometimes forget. Even despite my efforts to mess it up, this serum has managed to make a difference in less than a month.

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