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The New Beauty Item I Cannot Live Without

Megababe Space Bar

I mentioned before that I switched to natural deodorant and never looked back. However, I recently added a new beauty item to my shower routine that I cannot live without. All I have to say is HOLY PITS!

Even after a rigorous sweaty schedule on the very first day after using this in my morning shower, all I could smell was the scent of my Soapy Pits deodorant. I thought it was impossible that this little black bar was really that good, but after using it for a week straight, I am a believer. I have absolutely no BO no matter what because of the Space Bar. Apparently, the charcoal absorbs odor-causing bacteria and impurities. My pits feel soft thanks to the avocado, sunflower and olive oils. I am hooked.

Get it here or here and be ready for sleeveless season.



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