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3 Women Who Inspire Me

3 Women Who Inspire Me

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is not only a celebration of all of the achievements of all women worldwide, and it is also a day to acknowledge and bring awareness to gender inequality. I was raised a feminist, and I am always surprised to hear that anyone thinks of feminism as having negative connotations. A feminist is someone who believes in gender equality: equal access and opportunities with regards to employment, pay, education, voting rights, healthcare, body autonomy, and more.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share the stories of 3 women who inspire me:

1. My Mother.

My mother gave me life, and so much more. She has given me the best love, friendship, and advice, but above all, she has set an example for me by which I try to follow. My mom worked so hard her entire life, overcame personal adversity, all while devoting her life to helping others. She raised two children by herself, and still works as a therapist while moonlighting as the world’s best Nana to five grandchildren. Perhaps it is because she is a bit of a hippie, but she has never abandoned me or judged me for following my dreams.

2. Mindy Kaling.

Mindy is one of the greatest writers and comedians of our lives, and if you haven’t seen The Office or The Mindy Project, or read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me please do yourself a favor. Mindy showed the world that a brown woman doesn’t just deserve a seat at the writer’s table, she runs it straight to an Emmy win and the New York Times bestseller list.

3. My Daughter.

Ever since the day I met her, my daughter has inspired me. She was born during a snowstorm, and I swear she doesn’t feel the cold. I can’t stand to be in freezing temperatures for long, but all she wants to do is play outside. She is so spirited and smart, and she inspires me to give to her everything my mother gave me. I strive every day to fill my mother’s shoes for my daughter, and I will always support her like my mother did for me. Even if it means standing outside in the bitter cold.



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