How I Finally Trained Myself To Sleep On My Back

How I Finally Trained Myself To Sleep On My Back

Taking better care of my skin was my New Year’s Resolution last year, and while I was not able to to get regular facials due to the pandemic, I did manage to implement one big lifestyle change to that end (or should I say, lifelong process). Shortly after I had my last baby, I made it a personal wellness goal to train myself to sleep on my back. I had become set on sleeping on my left side, as it is advised during pregnancy, and it had become a habit. After lingering back pain did not leave me post-partum and finer lines began to appear on one side of my face, I started researching how to make my goal a reality and found that I was not alone in my quest. I will admit, this began as a vanity project. According to health experts, sleeping on your back not only helps prevent wrinkles and skin irritation, it also helps improves digestion, spine alignment, relieves sinus pressure and more. It was truly a perfect quarantine goal that I am proud to have accomplished.

I have finally achieved back-sleeper status. Here is how I finally trained myself to sleep on my back:


slip silk pillowcase

First, I switched out my pillowcase. I upgraded to this Slip silk pillowcase to help reduce wrinkles since I was still weaning off side sleeping, and it protects my hair. I also found it to be a smoother transition to flip over onto my back with the silk pillowcase vs. a cotton version, and I don’t wake up with a rats nest on the back of my head.

More Pillows

How I Finally Trained Myself To Sleep On My Back

Lying flat on my back initially hurt my spine, and I wondered what kind of sociopaths are born back sleepers. Even my babies rolled over onto their sides as soon as they were able and spent the rest of their nights evermore in such position. I had been sleeping with a pillow between my legs ever since giving birth turned my hips into torture devices, so I added one of my European sized pillows beneath my knees and it made all the difference: I immediately felt more comfortable and my back pain was reduced tremendously. I use these, and they’re perfect. This posture helps to alleviate spinal pressure, and you’ll be able to feel it.

Weighted Blanket

Bearaby Weighted Blanket

I’ve mentioned these before as a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety, but they are truly a game changer, especially when it comes to helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. A weighted blanket mimics the feeling of being hugged or cuddled, similar to the sensation of side sleeping. I recently received this Bearaby weighted blanket as a birthday gift, and not only is it the perfect weight, it is absolutely beautiful.


Forever 21 x Wilson Striped Trim Logo Track Pants

Once your conditions are set, the only thing left is time and perseverance. Just like learning a new skill or creating any lifestyle change, it takes practice. It is a new habit to learn, and like most changes, it won’t happen overnight (hardy har). If you decide to go for it, keep trying until it sticks. Your skin (and back and gut) will thank you.

You can do it!




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