The 5 Best Home Organization Items On Amazon

The 5 Best Home Organization Items On Amazon

There is no time like the present to get a jump on spring cleaning. The time spent after-houring and happy-houring in the evening last year is now ripe for closet purging, donating, and reorganizing. I was able to do a big clean-out before our late February move, and I am almost done. This goes back to one of my cardinal rules of closet editing: set a deadline. I am giving myself till the end of this month to finish, and I will admit it’s a long lead time. I’m being realistic, and giving myself grace as things have been a little crazy around here, and I know I am not the only one playing catch up after bedtime these days.

I picked up the 5 best home organization items on Amazon before this madness began, and they really helped streamline the process for me so I’m sharing them here:

1. A Countertop Makeup Organizer: I use this to store the makeup and skincare items I use most on top of my vanity table and I love it. It helps to be able to see whatever I need and be able to grab it within an arms reach without rifling through drawers.

2. Clear Stackable Round Containers: These are perfect for storage small hair accessories, plus they can be used as headband holders on the outside and they disappear visually. I got them for my daughter’s bows, and I am ordering more for my headbands as well.

3. Clear Stackable Mini Drawers: I clearly (hardy har) love see-through stacking organizers. They’re simply the best way of keeping tidy and organized while being able to find what you need at a quick glance. I use these for sunglasses and small accessories, but they can also be used for toiletries, makeup, or pretty much anything.

4. A Lazy Susan: Who ever came up with this name must have had a problem with Sue, but nevertheless this one is a must for deep cabinets and pantry storage.

5. Uniform Hangers: Not to get all Mommy Dearest on you, but I really can’t live with wire hangers. Closets look and feel so much more organized with proper, uniform hangers. I use these flocked hangers for me and my man, these for my kids, and these for the coat closets. They’re durable, great looking, and keep clothes from slipping and ending up on the floor.

How are you spring cleaning?



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