16 Things I Learned Since I Turned 20

16 Things I learned Since I Turned 20

It’s my sweet sixteenth anniversary of turning 20, and for some reason I’ve been thinking about how much change has happened since I was standing on the edge of not-quite-adulthood. The way I consider time and experiences has been the biggest shift. There is something so liberating about being in this stage of life, even though I’m quite literally, tied down in the most familial sense.

You feel it, right? Yeah, I’m about to get philosophical. Here are 16 things I learned since I turned 20:

1. Being judgmental is small minded.

2. Try the new thing.

3. If you’re invited, go.

4. If you don’t feel up to something, it’s ok to say no.

5. Just because something is hard now, it won’t always be.

6. Just because something is easy now, it won’t always be.

7. It is hard to make friends as an adult.

8. You will find your people.

9. Children will grow up fast.

10. Each child will grow up faster than the last.

11. If a baby falls asleep on you, let it happen.

12. Just give the compliment.

13. Just take the compliment.

14. The magic you felt as a child was love.

15. The people you love are not perfect. Love them anyway.

16. Love yourself.






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