DIY Feather Sandals

DIY Feather Sandals

I think most of us would agree that these Jimmy Choo Kamelia Shimmer Feather Sandals are to die for. One thing is undeniable: they will kill your wallet at $2,300.

Jimmy Choo Kamelia Shimmer Feather Sandals

I love the feather detailing on the peep toe, so I pulled these out of my DIY inspiration file when I came across a pair of nude Kork Ease Bette while sandals switching my winter clothes for my spring wardrobe. I realized that despite their versatility and comfort, a different pair had definitely taken their place in my spring and summer shoe rotation, and they would be the perfect pair for a feather embellishment.

Wanna feather a pair?You’ll need:1 pair of peep toe sandals or pumpsAbout 1.5 yards of feather trim, depending on how large of an area you need to cover1 pair of fabric scissors1 needleThread in the color of your choosingLiquid Stitch

Feather Sandal DIY

1. Measure your feather trim against the toe strap where it meets the base of the shoe. Cut it after the closest feather.

Feather trimmed shoe DIY

2. Sew the trim along to edge of the leather, and repeat on the other side.

Feather sandal DIY tutorial

3. Measure the next layer of feather trim by playing it alongside the base of the first layer and cutting it where it meets the end of the leather. Apply the liquid stitch to the underside of the base area, and adhere it just above the base of the layer before it. Repeat this process 1-2 more times until you’ve covered the entire side. This will depend on how wide your straps are, and the width of the feather trim used. The feather trim I used is about 1″ wide and it took four layers to get the coverage needed. If the feathers stick out, use small drops of the liquid stitch on the undersides of the feathers and hold them for about 30 seconds until it becomes tacky and stays in place.

DIY Feather Pumps

4. Repeat step 1-3 on the remaining three sides of the straps.

5. Add some feather trim along the inside of the straps if you’d like.

DIY Feather Sandals

You’re done!

Will you be trying the feather trend this season? Tell me!

xo BB


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    Patrice @thelessonsandblessings
    07/06/2016 at 11:48 pm

    i actually think your creation looks better than the designer! go girl!

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    05/06/2014 at 11:08 am

    I am working on a pair for mothers day. Thanks for the great idea.

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    05/06/2014 at 10:14 am

    great idea!

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