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February 2015


5 Best Fixes For Winter Skin

Unless you live in a tropical climate, chances are you’re officially battling a case of the cracked face.  As soon as I came back from vacation, New York Fashion Week had me running all over the freezing city and my skin went completely insane. Insane in the way that it was so thirsty, sad, and flaky, my chin became a ski slope. Unfortunately, I had to find new pregnancy safe solutions to my winter skin woes. Luckily, I’ve finally found…

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Traveling From Cold To Warm: What To Wear On the Plane

As you prepare for your winter escape from frozen tundra to warm sunny paradise, you might be wondering what you should wear on the plane. I’ve been asked this question so many times, and although I probably don’t look the part, I am an expert packer. A solid foundation of proper packing is the ensemble you wear on the way to your destination. Each piece must have multiple functions and be easy to clean in a sink (because who wants…

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