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10 Favorite Stylish Workout Clothes That Actually Perform

I am currently on a fitness journey of epic proportions (for me), and since some of you had asked about what I’m doing workout-wise after having two babies in under two years, I’m starting this Fitness Friday series today by sharing some of my favorite workout wear. I’ve been going hard at the gym 5-6 days a week and my goal is too sweat as much as possible during my sesssions, so these are not sissy Athleisure pieces (though they’re…



20 Week Update + Giveaway

Jillian Micaels Yeah Baby

Having just passed my twentieth week, I figured it might be time to give you guys a quick update on my second pregnancy. I’ve been so surprised that it is pretty different than my first. For starters, I am realizing what a luxury it was being pregnant last time with only work and my workouts contributing to my exhaustion because it is truly a different ballgame taking care of a toddler on top of it all now. Morning sickness has…