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Five Favorite Sunglasses Right Now

Wildfox Twiggy Sunglasses

Happy national Sunglasses Day! At this point, I wouldn’t just say that sunglasses are my favorite accessory. It’s safe to say that I am a collector. I think of sunglasses are practical, wearable art. They protect our peepers from harmful UV rays, which contribute to a number of degenerative eye diseases and crows feet. My mother told me this from an early age, so I began wearing John Lennon style frames, then moved to cat eyes, then aviators, and I’d…

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What I'm Wearing

Five Must Shop Sales This Weekend

Urban Outfitters Grand Siena Headboard

There must be something in the air, because a very fresh crop of current season stuff is on super sale this weekend and I just want to shout about some of it from the rooftops. UM live edge wood side tables, floral jumpsuits and wine delivered to your door? Count me INNNN. Here are the five must shop sales this weekend:…

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