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5 Best Products For Winter Skin Relief

Today is National Winter Skin Relief Day, and if you’re a normal homo sapien living in record low temps, your skin is in need of a little TLC. Since we are frozen in an arctic tundra over here in on the East Coast, I’ve been amping up my arsenal and revisiting some old favorites. Here are my picks for the 5 best products for winter skin relief.…

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The Ultimate Cuddle Up Essentials

Tomorrow is National Cuddle Up Day, and I must say that my recent leg surgery, the freezing temps, and my baby’s bronchiolitis have rendered me an expert on cuddling up. These days have been long, and at the end of these cold days these are my ultimate cuddle up essentials.…

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5 Pairs Of Flattering Leggings That Are Actually Warm

spanx velvet leggings

Let’s face it: this arctic chill leaves us no choice but to layer up with leggings. Whether you’re wearing them underneath your real pants or rocking them as sole stem coverings tucked into snow boots, you need leggings that are not only keeping the cold out, but will keep you looking hot. I’ve gone on a mission and found 5 pairs of flattering leggings that are actually warm. Best of all, one of my favorite pairs is just $11!…

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Curtain Bluff Resort Antigua Review

Curtain Bluff Resort Antigua

If you’ve been following along here and on Instagram, you know that my husband and I took a trip right after Thanksgiving. We had two main goals we wanted to achieve with this child-free vacation: 1. to relax as much as possible and 2. to scuba dive as much as possible. We fell in love with scuba diving on our honeymoon in Fiji (we stayed at Yasawa) and since then, we went to scuba school in the British Virgin Islands…

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What I'm Wearing

10 Favorite Outfits Of 2017

Bleached Goods Iron Lager Tee

Happy New Year! As we move on to 2018, I thought I would share a look back at my favorite looks from the past year. Some of these pieces are still available, with many at steep sale prices so click on each photo to shop. I took more of a holiday hiatus than usual this year following leg surgery to recover and spend time with my family. It was quite cozy since I spent most of it hibernating inside because…

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The Best After Holiday Sales

Sam Edelman Leya Faux Fur Sneaker

Gift cards burning a hole in your pocket? There are few better times to spend them than right now. You might be seeing a lot of noise about post Christmas sales, and while some of them are just that, some are really, really awesome. This post is about latter. Here are my picks for the best after holiday sales:…

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