Amika Switch Kit Starter Set Review

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My very first hair wand was gifted to me by a friend almost a decade ago. Clipless curling irons were new to the market, and she was working for Amika, which was little known in the US. The first few times I tried it, I burned myself so many times I gave up. Soon after, it became an indispensable tool in my hair care kit.

Sadly, it shorted just a few weeks ago. It was probably my fault. Regardless, almost a decade of exceptional use made me a fan of the brand, so Amika was at the top of my list of potential replacements. I ended up with the Amika Switch Kit Starter Set, and I’m happy I did.

Here is my Amika Switch Kit Starter Set review:

It’s the easiest to use hair wand I’ve tried. The waves are the perfect look I’m going for: loose and beachy, and they stay in for 48 hours (maybe longer, though I rarely go that long and never longer than that without washing my hair). I also love the temperature control feature, and the ability to change the wand thickness (though I wish those didn’t cost extra). That being said, the 1″ it comes with is perfect for me and I am not sure that I would need a different one.

Amika Switch Kit Starter Set

Best of all, it’s on sale here.


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