10 Best Bikinis This Season

Today is National Bikini Day! Ah, the bikini: symbol of so many things for us. As I started this post, I thought back on a conversation I had at a local Sephora. The woman who was helping me struck up a conversation with me about pregnancy (as one often does with a pregnant person) which ultimately digressed into a conversation about body image.

She said, “I love my son so much, but don’t you hate how you can’t ever wear a bikini again?” I said, “no, because I can, and I do. This is my second and I wore one the entire pregnancy and all of the sizes I was thereafter.” She then asked, “don’t you have stretch marks?” I said “of course I do, who doesn’t?”

The bikini is the most comfortable suit to wear swimming while pregnant or not, trying to pee alone or with a baby in tow, so why wouldn’t I? I told her if people don’t like my stretch marks, who cares? She laughed and said, “you’re so right. Who cares?” I love thinking that she is on the beach with her son every weekend, all summer long, with the sun beaming down on her bare belly thinking, who cares.

I don’t and you shouldn’t either so don’t miss my picks for the 10 best bikinis this season.





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