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November 2013

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Three Comfy Chic Thanksgiving Outfits You Already Own

Formal dining is not only out in real estate – comfy chic is the trending dress code this Thanksgiving season. If you’re attending a laid back affair, get some outfit inspo with these three comfy chic Thanksgiving get-ups all comprised of items you probably already own: 1. Pajama Party Pajama dressing, which appeared to be one of the most daring fads of last year is still in, and hotter than ever. Did I mention this means we can wear pajamas…

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DIY Gun Print Clutch

DIY Gun Clutch

Ever since I laid eyes on the Reece Hudson Bowery Clutch on ManRepeller this summer, I’ve been dreaming of making her mine. Last night I did just that. Well, almost. It may not be a Reece Hudson, but it’s custom, and it cost about a tenth of the price of the original. I had planned on painting a pattern on the pistol, but I’m digging the all gold silhouette print for holiday and it definitely makes a statement in solid.…

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Swap It To Me

Swapdom founders

Thanks to Swapdom, fashion fiends can now trade those painful pumps they never wore for the winter coats they really need, and they won’t have to find their unicorn body twin who needs those spectator shoes and has their ideal same size jacket to do it. “Geeks like us sometimes have cool ideas,” said CEO Petros Georgopoulos at the brand’s launch party this past Friday. It was, of course, a live clothing swap complete with cocktails and one of New…

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How I Hacked the Isabel Marant for H&M Launch

I got what I wanted at the Isabel Marant for H&M launch and I didn’t camp out. I hadn’t shopped a high low designer collaboration since Missoni for Target, but having been through the trenches, I’ve learned a few hacks that can help you bag your most wanted list without sleeping on a sidewalk or resorting to violence / ebay. 1. Know before you go. Call (this won’t work at most locations, but it worked at Target last time) or…

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Camo Conundrum

Camouflage has painted the fashion world green once again, but for fatiguephiles like me, it’s one print we’ve never put down and one we consider a neutral wardrobe staple. I can’t think of a better day to share my latest camo covet conquest findings than Veterans’ Day. In this great country, we love our troops so dearly, we take their uniforms to the runway and the streets and beyond. Like the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of…

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